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Penfield Addiction Ministries has remained a leader in faith-based recovery since 1979. Behind our success lies our dedicated staff who work diligently to help improve the lives of those we serve. At Penfield, staff members are more than employees; they are family. If you would like to join our family and help to reclaim alcohol and drug-addicted men and women through Christ and Christian love, please apply.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer, and we do not and will not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, gender, age, handicap, marital status, or status as a disabled veteran. Information provided on this application will not be used for any discriminatory purpose.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

In order to qualify for employment, all applicants will be subject to pre-employment drug screening and all job offers are contingent upon the satisfactory outcome of this drug test. Refusal to test or a positive test result will cause a denial of employment. Following an employment offer and prior to being considered an active employee, successful applicants will be screened for drugs as part of the pre-employment evaluation. The applicant will be requested to sign a consent/release form acknowledging and understanding the procedure, authorization of the procedure to be performed and consent to release the test results to the agency’s Medical Review Officer. Applicants who refuse to sign the consent/release form or refuse to undergo the drug testing procedure will automatically be denied employment.

State of Georgia – DHR Rule 290-5-54-.09(3)(a)1

Rule 290-5-54-.09(3)(a)1 of the Georgia Department of Human Resources requires a written statement to be obtained at the time of application that an individual has never been shown by credible evidence (e.g. a court or jury, a department investigation or other reliable evidence) to have abused, neglected, sexually assaulted, exploited or deprived any person or to have subjected any person to serious injury as a result of intentional or grossly negligent misconduct. My signature below serves as an acknowledgment of this rule and as my personal attestation and statement that I have never been shown by credible evidence any of the aforementioned.

At-Will Employment Policy Statement

It is the policy of this agency to provide that all employment and compensation with this agency is “at-will.” This means that employment can be terminated with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time, at the option of either Penfield or the employee. It is important that all applicants acknowledge and understand that any and all employment with this agency is “at-will” and of indefinite duration without regard to the position classification. An employee of this agency may terminate employment at any time, with or without notice and for any reason. No agreement to the contrary will be recognized unless such an agreement is in writing and approved by the agency’s Board.

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